$7.3 Million In Funds Distributed To Vulnerable Non-Profit Orgnizations”


    The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America – the OU – commended the Department of Homeland Security, as well as Governor Pataki of New York for their commitment to providing federal homeland security funds to Jewish community institutions including day schools and yeshivas, for the purpose of upgrading their physical security in the face of potential terrorist threats.
    Though a master list is not available, due to security considerations, 112 out of 203 applicants received a grant of up to $75,000, ina total of $7.3 million in funds, announced the State’s Division of Criminal Justice Services, which administers the grant funding as part of the federal government’s Urban Area Security Initiative.

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    18 years ago

    why is it always the Framda Mosdos get all this money and never the Heimisha?

    18 years ago

    and what are they going to do with money. a stupid question, huh?