Lakewood – Rally Spotlighting Woman’s Claims She Was Beaten By Police, Was Canceled For Now


    Lakewood – A protest rally to spotlight a woman’s claims she was beaten by a township police officer drew only a handful of people Tuesday to Town Square.
    Nichole Robinson, the woman who says she was beaten last month by embattled Patrolman Erik Menck, said the rally was canceled because Public Safety Director Al Peters told her that organizers needed a permit.
    The rally will be rescheduled for next month, Robinson said, four police officers, including Menck, went to Robinson’s Coventry Square town house to question her about a disorderly persons call earlier that day.
    Robinson maintains Menck asked her for a statement and then beat her in front of her two children. Wearing a bandage on her left arm, Robinson said Tuesday she suffered injuries to her arm, her hand and her back.
    Police say Robinson attacked Menck while he attempted to get a statement from her. Robinson was then taken to Kimball Medical Center for treatment of asthma, police add.

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