Germany – Ex-Nazi Acquitted In 1945 Massacres


    MUNICH, Germany – A former Nazi commander was acquitted of murder in three 1945 massacres in Slovakia after a court said Monday that there was no reliable evidence he was involved in the killings.
    Ladislav Niznansky, 88, sat stone-faced as his acquittal on 164 counts of murder was announced in the Munich state court.

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    The charges against him were filed in connection with the slaying of 146 men, women and children in two Slovak villages and the later killing of 18 Jewish civilians after a failed uprising against Slovakia’s Nazi puppet government.

    Presiding Judge Manfred Goetzl cited contradictory evidence from witnesses as a reason for the acquittal, noting that some of them withdrew testimony given when Niznansky was convicted in absentia by communist Czechoslovakia in 1962.

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