New Orleans – Volunteers Clear Out Synagogue


    New Orleans – College students start cleaning up the Beth Israel Synagogue, since Hurricane Katrina flooded it with more than 10 feet of water three months ago, and is the only New Orleans synagogue that was completely destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.
    The dozen or so students were among roughly 50 from across the country who have come to New Orleans to spend their winter break helping with recovery efforts at the century-old synagogue, that was left damaged by the storm.

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    The students, wearing face masks and gloves, hauled out to the synagogue’s front lawn holy items as books, shofars and furniture

    The items were sorted by what would be buried in Jewish burial grounds in another part of the city and what would be thrown out.

    A dozen Jewish communities are donating more than 500 menorahs and dreidels to families who have lost theirs in the storm.

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