Yonkers +1-Engine Plane Down+


    Yonkers +1-Engine Plane Down+ A 1-engine piper plane is down in the Hudson River 3-4 miles north of the George Washington Bridge area of 23 Water Grant Street near the old Sugar Factory, with 2 victims clinging onto the wreckage.
    Aviation Sea&Rescue on the scene, ESU and NYPD Divers are responding.

    U/D: 12:09
    ESU reporting unknown how many on board, Aviation has 2 divers in the water at this time, requesting moultiple ambulances to respond.

    U/D: 12:13
    Aviation-15 has one aided on board, U.S.C.G. Chopper has another one both enroute to Jacobi Medical Center Helo port, only 2 aided on board.

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