Appliance Diversity Like ‘Shabbas-Mode’ Stoves Arrives In The American Marketplace


    Jewish law forbids changing the oven temperature or the lighted display during Shabbas, so orthdox jews have to turn on the appliance before sundown so they could heat their food the next day. But they could not turn the appliance off or lower the temperature until the Shabbas or holiday ended.
    These days, their is a new stove with a Shabbas mode, that allows them to adjust the temperature and prepare meals without violating the laws of their faith. The General Electric stove includes a “Shabbas mode” a feature that provides the option of having a blank display for the oven temperature.
    And some observant Jews question the acceptability of Shabbas mode features.

    As the American marketplace reaches out to various religions and cultures, appliance makers are taking note, adapting products to meet their customers’ diverse needs and habits.
    Observant Jews can buy Shabbas mode ranges and refrigerators. Some stoves feature supercharged gas burners to provide high heat for large pots of Asian stew, and burners to hold the rounded bottom of woks used to make stir-fry.

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