Glendale – Work On A New Yeshiva Is Under Way, Renewing Concerns By Neighbors


    Queens – Construction workers began excavating a large hole in front of the site of the United Talmudic Seminary’s planned two-story yeshiva, renewing concerns from neighbors about the project.
    Dorie Figlioli, president of the 74th Street Block Association, said recent work is a concern because neighbors don’t know its purpose, lack of information has been a persistent complaint about the project since January 2004.
    The school has also operated a yeshiva in Forest Hills since 1999, with an enrollment of 500 students. Seminary officials have said the Forest Hills students would be transferred to the Glendale yeshiva, and there would be space to accommodate at least 1,000, should enrollment increase. The plans originally called for sleeping quarters for 100 students, but those were eliminated after the Department of Buildings ruled they would violate zoning regulations.
    The bulk of the yeshiva students would be bused daily from Williamsburg. Although Yeshiva representatives have said the school would operate eight buses, community leaders say far more would be necessary to accommodate the students.
    The potential bus traffic remains a major concern, said Gary Giordano, district manager of Community Board 5. “One of the big concerns is getting the buses off the street,” he said.

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