Bronx Zoo, The Elephant Exhibit Might Shut Down


    The Bronx Zoo, the only zoo left in the city that keeps elephants, said that it planned to shut down its exhibit after the death of two of its three elephants, or even one.

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    The zoo’s three elephants are in their mid-30’s and could live for decades more. But if one elephant dies, the remaining two may not get along. And if two die, officials say it would be inhumane to sustain an exhibit with a single

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    18 years ago

    leig arein a GRUBBER heimisher!!!

    ליפא שנילצער
    ליפא שנילצער
    18 years ago

    now come on, what the big deal, get some more elephants, what am going to Bronx zoo every chol hamoed, if not for the elephants.

    אגב דערמאנט דאס מיך וואס מען זאגט אלץ:
    אז ווען מען קומט אין די דרייסיגער יארן איז שוין די העכסטע צייט זיך אויפצופירן ווי א מענטש נישט ווי א חיה