Brooklyn, NY – Judge Excuses Himself From Ruling In Holocaust Case


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    Brooklyn, NY – A federal judge overseeing the distribution of a $1.25 billion settlement for Holocaust survivors has asked another judge to decide what portion will go to a lawyer involved in the case.

    Chief judge, Edward Korman, of the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn stated in an April 4 order that he decided to recuse himself from ruling on lawyer Burt Neuborne’s request for a $4.1 million fee. A number of Holocaust survivors and attorneys oppose Mr. Neuborne’s request for payment, claiming that Mr. Neuborne said he was working pro bono on the Swiss banks case that resulted in the settlement. Since 1999, Mr. Neuborne and Judge Korman have worked together to distribute the funds among different – even competing – groups of Holocaust survivors worldwide.
    Referring to Mr. Neuborne, Judge Korman wrote: “The pendency of the present application, however, has adversely impacted my ability to work with him. Thus, I have not had any contact with Professor Neuborne for sometime.” Judge Frederic Block has been assigned to rule on Mr. Neuborne’s fee request.

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