Brooklyn, NY +Retired MOS Shot+


    Brooklyn, NY +Retired MOS Shot+ NYPD calling for a level one mobilization for a retired member of service 34-years-old that was shot eight times in the 75th Pct area at 300 Van Sicklen Avenue and Linden Blvd.

    Officer being transported to Brookdale Hospital in serious condition, blood bank requested, Highway units staging at 1 PP and at the blood bank.

    PD looking for silver Chrystler 300 with rear window shot out, Major Case Units and Aviation above with a large perrimiter setup for a perp search.

    U/D: 13:22
    NYPD Detectives are at the Budget Rent A Car center at Newark Airport in NJ with 2 perps in custody in regards to this shooting.

    U/D: 15:42
    Investigators are questioning the retired officers wife — an active NYPD officer — who was stopped at Newark Airport, as a possible suspect.

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