Moscow – Prosecutor In Synagogue Attacker Case Robbed


    Moscow – Kira Gudim, the prosecutor of the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office who prosecuted the Moscow synagogue attacker, has been robbed.

    Gudim was robbed of 7,700 rubles, a service card, car documents, plastic cards, a mobile phone and personal items, totaling up to over 20,000 rubles in stolen property, with the thieves escaping in a car.
    Police think that the robbery is not linked to Gudim’s professional activities, but Gudim’s apartment was burglarized a month ago, when a thief had broken into Gudim’s apartment and stolen a laptop computer, a cell phone, a mink coat, two leather jackets, a golden watch, a golden chain and a camera, worth a total of 123,000 rubles.

    Gudim had asked the court that Alexander Koptsev, 20, who stabbed nine worshippers in a Moscow synagogue in January 2005, be given 16 years in prison under charges of multiple attempted murders motivated by national and religious hatred.
    The Moscow City Court sentenced Koptsev to 13 years in a high-security prison.

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