Ashdod, Israrl – Commission To Review Police Activities Surrounding Body Snatching


    Ashdod, Israel – Police Insp.-Gen. Moshe Karadi appointed an investigative commission to examine police activities surrounding the riots and body snatching that took place.

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    Karadi instructed the commission to look at the ‘big picture’ of circumstances leading to the theft of the body, including checking standing orders and practices. He told them to consider aspects of the incident relating to the management of the investigation before and after charedim apparently from Jerusalem, stole the baby’s body in order to prevent a post-mortem examination.

    Karadi also instructed the commission to consider the police response to the violent protests at the cemetery and the command decisions made throughout the incident.
    The commission’s findings and recommendations are to be submitted to the police commander by June 15.

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    17 years ago

    Kidnapped Charedi infant buried

    The body of an Orthodox infant girl was buried Monday, according to members of the Rachmistrivka Orthodox sect who kidnapped the tiny corpse from in Ashdod to prevent doctors from carrying out an autopsy on it.

    Members of the sect reportedly buried the body at 4:00 a.m. Monday, without the attendance of the parents at the funeral. The baby’s family, who apparently does not know the identity of the kidnappers, was informed of the burial by Rachmistrivka Rabbi David Gross and began the seven days of mourning for their daughter.

    Rabbi Gross himself, who Police had tried to contact during the night after the kidnapping, was informed of the burial via various indirect channels. According to Jewish law, the family begins the mourning period only after the burial.

    Towards morning police arrested a 53-year-old Ashdod resident suspected of involvement in the episode. The man was interrogated, but the interrogation achieved little result and did not shed light on the investigations. Confusion has reigned at the Lachish district police department since yesterday, as intelligence agents and police have worked ceaselessly to find the body but to no avail.

    Hundreds of Orthodox rioted Sunday night at the Ashdod funeral home in protest of doctor’s intention to take a tissue sample from the body of the little girl, who died after not receiving antibiotic treatment due to her parent’s religious beliefs. During the riots, the kidnappers managed to distract the police guards and run off with the body. One policeman was severely wounded in the chaos.

    .A member of the Ashdod municipal council and representative of the city’s Orthodox residents, Moshe Borshtein, said that the family was an “Orthodox vegan family who treated their daughter with natural and homeopathic medicines, and therefore it is clear that there is no suspicion of criminal activity. So from the beginning it was totally unnecessary to open an investigation into the case.”