Boston, MA – Demonstrators Clash At Pro-Israel Rally


    Boston, MA – People gathered for a pro-Israel rally in Boston, with demonstrations becoming heated when opposing protesters showed up.

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    The rally at City Hall Plaza started as a celebration, but turned tense when others showed up to protest, some demonstrators calling for freedom for Palestine.

    “The biggest misconception is the mislabeling of us as though we’re fighting the Israelis to take something from them that is legitimately theirs, and in actuality we’re fighting to take back what is legitimately ours,” said pro-Palestine demonstrator Rawan Baraket of the Committee to Defend Palestine.

    The rally also attacted a group of Orthodox Jews who said they oppose Israel’s position regarding Palestine. “I am Jew who is against the fact that we have a country, Israel, that is actually using tanks, billions of dollars, and massacring Palestinians,” said protester Amirah Goldberg.

    From bomb-sniffing dogs to Secret Service, there was heavy security, but still protesters clashed in the streets, some screaming at each other. Even some white supremacists showed up to protest, but others at the rallies demonstrated against them, calling them ‘Nazi Scum.’

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