Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine – Rare Torah Scroll Finds New Home


    Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine – The Jewish Community of Dnepropetrovsk received a wonderful gift, a rare Torah scroll. It was presented by a French citizen, Alain Grin, to the Synagogue of Beis Baruch Retirement Home.

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    The story of this: On Crystalnacht, like lots of other synagogues, a synagogues in Hamburg, Germany was destroyed by fire, but one of its worshipers risked his life to save the Torah scroll from destruction. He brought it out of the synagogue wrapped in flames and then, for a long time, kept it buried.
    After the war, he recovered the treasure and brought it to Israel. Even now, one can see the scorch of Crystalnacht on this scroll.

    Thanks to Grin, this Torah scroll has now arrived at its new home in the Synagogue of Beis Baruch Retirement Home, the home of those who survived the horrors of the war.

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