Orange County, NY – Another Good Neighbor


    Orange County, NY – Last week, the Kiryas Joel Alliance – a coalition of groups opposed to the dominant faction in the Satmar Hasidic village leadership – wanted to be a good neighbor, so Alliance leaders gave Blooming Grove Supervisor Charles Bohan $1,200 to cover the overtime expenses police incurred during the funeral for there spiritual leader in April, as reported by VOS IZ NEIAS.

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    Now it was Chabad of Orange County, Rabbi Pesach Burston who wants to be a good neighbor too. He handed schools Superintendent from Washingtonville, Marilyn Pirkle a check for $900 to cover the operating costs of a summer camp the religious outreach group will host at Taft Elementary School.
    “We wanted to be good neighbors,” Burston’s wife, Chana, said. “The school’s been wonderful to us.”

    The summer camp will be using the school and its grounds for three weeks in July.
    The district has a policy that allows nonprofit groups, even ones not based in the community, to use school facilities free of charge, but parents expressed outrage over the district’s policy, highlighting the Chabad camp as an example that it needs to changed.

    Pesach Burston said. “Our goal is to bring unity to the community.”
    Pirkle called it a “gesture of good will.” The school board must officially accept the Burston’s donation.

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