Saratov, Russia – Explosion Prevented From Synagogue


    Saratov, Russia – The Federal Service of Security prevented an explosion at the Synagogue of Saratov. As the FSB officers conducted a series of operations, it became clear that a 22-year-old member of a local pro-Fascist clandestine organization had been planning to blow up the Synagogue.

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    The young man planned to make an explosive device and was looking for assistants. The “skinhead’s” plans were disturbed by FSB officers who cautioned him before he could implement his evil plan.

    As a result, the would-be terrorist confessed to the police of what he had been planning to do and, while making no secret of his racist ideas.

    According to Head of the Department of Federal Service of Security Valery Beklenischev, no charges will be filed according to the Russian laws if a person comes voluntarily with a confession to the police, so this young man has escaped from his first criminal record.

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