Goshen, NY – Cars Stalled after Fuel Switch at Exxon Gas Station


    Goshen, NY – At least 40 vehicles so far have had their fuel systems flushed after filling their tanks at a Goshen Exxon where diesel and unleaded gas were accidentally switched.

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    The driver for a Queens fuel distributor accidentally pumped diesel into the regular unleaded holding tanks and unleaded into the diesel tanks, said Ann Marie Maglione, acting commissioner of the Orange County Department of Consumer Affairs.
    For the next 15 hours, any vehicle that bought regular unleaded actually got diesel and eventually broke down, Maglione said. At least one truck filled up with unleaded, which can still run a diesel truck, she said.

    So far, Mystic Tank Lines Corp. of Astoria has gotten repair bills ranging from $275 to $900 for 38 cars, one truck and one boat. Mechanics say the vehicles sustained no lasting damage, Maglione said.
    Anyone who thinks they bought a bad tank at the Exxon on Route 207 should call Consumer Affairs at 291-2400. [Record]

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