Orange County, NY – Orange County and Police Get Money To Fight Terror.


    Orange County, NY – The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and four of the county’s police departments are receiving a total of $159,000 in anti-terrorism grants from the state Office of Homeland Security.

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    The grants break down this way:
    $62,200 to the sheriff’s office for a mobile license-plate reader and handheld devices that can detect chemical weapons and radioactive materials.
    $36,000 to the Village of Goshen Police Department for a ballistic blanket system, which can be deployed as a protective shield against an explosive device.
    $6,000 to the Port Jervis Police Department for additional closed-circuit television equipment.
    $24,600 to the Woodbury Police Department for a mobile license-plate reader.
    $30,200 to the Middletown Police Department for a canine bomb-detection unit.[record]

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