Spring Valley, NY – Complaint Filed Against Monsey Developer for Soil Contamination Next to Day Care Center


    Spring Valley, NY – Soil from a village urban renewal site clearance project that is situated next to the Little Angels Day Care Center may contain small amounts of petroleum contaminants.

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    The county health department went to the site of a municipal parking lot that was excavated and learned that the excavator hired by developer Cole Development Corp. of Monsey, removed the old, unregistered tanks, said Thomas Micelli, head of the county health department's environmental health unit.

    "There certainly is no noticeable odor of petroleum product or any unusual discoloration," Micelli said. "There may be a small amount of contamination, but it is most likely minor if you cannot smell the volatile petroleum."

    Micelli said there did not appear to be any danger to the children.

    But Mercy Ama Anim, owner and operator of the day care, had expressed strong concerns about the proximity of constructions vehicles working next to the day care building, and about the cleanliness of the soil she said has been blowing into the building.

    She filed a complaint with the health department that led to a departmental staffer's visit to the site today. [lohud]

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