Mahwah, NJ +Rt 17 Traffic Alert+


    Bergen County, Mahwah, NJ +Rt 17 Traffic Alert+ A motor vehicle accident with an overturned tractor trailer on the northbound lanes of the NJ Route 17 at the exit ramp to I-287 with debris spill, emergency services on the scene blocking off all lanes at this time.

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    U/D: 08:29
    NJ State Polic confirm fatality of driver of the tractor trailer, Accident Investigation on the scene.
    All lanes remain close at this time.

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    16 years ago

    This was a mess, traffic was backed up all the way for miles and when you finally got to pass the accident area you were made to go off the exit and back onto the opposite direction.. I got onto the I-287 and had to go for a couple of miles till I found the first exit to turn back around..