New York – NYS To Review Touro College Degrees.


    New York – The New York State Education Department said that it would review the records of all people with Touro College degrees who received professional licenses or teaching certificates from the state in recent years to make sure their records were not falsified.
    Tom Dunn, a department spokesman, said the department was undertaking an investigation “to ensure the public is protected from unscrupulous, unqualified and unlicensed individuals.”

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    The investigation follows the announcement on Monday by the Manhattan district attorney that Touro’s former admissions director and former computer center director had been indicted in a scheme to sell fake college transcripts to people who had never attended Touro and to change grades for actual students, and that they may have altered or created hundreds, if not thousands, of falsified transcripts.
    Ronald J. Aiello, the lawyer for Andrique Baron, Touro’s former admissions director, said yesterday that his client “received no money to change anybody’s grades,” but had tried to help authorities by “exposing a system that was susceptible to corruption.” [nytimes]

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