Albany, NY – Spitzer Vetoes Building Inspection Measure


    Albany, NY – Gov. Eliot Spitzer vetoed a bill that would have required more regular inspections of New York City buildings that have been found to be hazardous. The move came days after Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg wrote a letter to the governor urging a veto.

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    The bill, introduced by Assemblyman James F. Brennan of Brooklyn and approved recently by the Legislature, called for the city's Department of Buildings to reinspect, every two months, buildings cited for hazardous conditions until the problem had been addressed. Currently, the agency is supposed to check on outstanding violations after a period that can stretch from three to four months.

    But in his letter, Mr. Bloomberg said that the more frequent inspections would be a burden for the department and would interfere with owners' rights to rectify violations within a reasonable time frame. The mayor also said that the extra resources required for the inspections could cost as much as $4 million. [NY Times]

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