Brooklyn, NY +Unusual Haz-Mat Situation+


    Brooklyn, NY +Unusual Haz-Mat Situation+ FDNY requesting all hands to New Utrecht Avenue and 65th Street after a garbage truck has picked up some garbage from above location and burst into flames with green liquid leaking from garbage and truck.

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    NYPD, DEP, EMS, Rescue BN, Haz-Mat BN, and Haz-Mat CO-1 are all requested to respond for additional crystallized chemicals inside 1442 65th Street in the basement of a 200×100 comml. building and outside the location with 1 chemist unconscious being treated by EMS and 3 additional civilians that need to be deconed from exposure to the chemicals.

    Staging area is at 14th Avenue and 65th Street, situation is D/W/H.

    U/D: 21:28
    One aided decon’d and being transported to Lutheran Hospital.

    U/D: 22:08
    DEP now determind there is no hazard and the situation is P/W/H. Releasing all units.

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    16 years ago

    An entire city block in Dyker Heights was evacuated after some chemicals were found in the basement of a home.
    When a sanitation truck tried to haul the chemicals away, they caught fire. The fire department then called in the hazardous materials team.
    Air samples have now shown the air is safe and residents have been allowed to return home.