Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY – Development Complaints On The Rise


    Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY – Construction complaints dialed into the city's 311 and 911 hotlines have soared in development-obsessed Williamsburg and Greenpoint areas.

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    Calls involving mishaps flooded 911 switchboards – a 300% jump from 2003, when a zoning overhaul was approved.

    "The developers are going nuts," said Williamsburg activist Phil DePaolo. "It's a combination of a lot of development with no oversight by the Department of Buildings whatsoever."

    "The city has been a day late and a dollar short in responding to the construction crisis in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and downtown Brooklyn," said Evan Thies, a spokesman for Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, which sent a letter to Mayor Bloomberg and Buildings Department Commissioner Patricia Lancaster seeking answers to their problems.

    Buildings Department spokeswoman Kate Lindquist said inspectors regularly check up on all neighborhoods.

    "Each year, the department issues approximately 50,000 violations, 5,000 stop work orders and 250 criminal court summonses in addition to conducting proactive sweeps of construction sites," said Lindquist. "The fact that we have been out there issuing violations shows our enforcement initiatives are working." [NY Daily News]

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