Safed, Israel – Mother, Grandmother Who Gave Birth To Her 19th Child Speaks Out. VIDEO


    Safed, Israel – After 8 boys and 10 girls, Sima Zalmanov, 47, from Tafed, gave birth to a boy last week, her 19th child. The new boy was born in Rebecca Ziff Hospital in Safed.

    “It came as a surprise,” said Sima Zalmanov of Safed. “I did not think that at my age I would have another child, but it is a great joy for me.” Sima, who has been married for 27 years, is the principal of the city’s Chabad high school for girls. Her eldest child, a son, is 26. Six of the couple’s children are married.

    Sima and her husband are waiting for the birth of their eighth grandchild due next month.

    see below TV interview, it is in Hebrew

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