Brooklyn, NY – Political Activists Meet with Democratic VP Candidate Joesph Biden To Drum Up Orthodox Support For Obama


    Political Activist Simcha Eichenstein with Sen. BidenBrooklyn, NY – US Senator Joe Biden who is the Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate recently met privately with Ezra Friedlander and Simcha Eichenstein of The Friedlander Group, to discuss how the Jewish community feels about the Obama–Biden ticket and how they can reach out to the Orthodox Jewish electorate in key swing states including Florida. Conventional wisdom says that although New York State will go heavily for the Obama–Biden ticket a large segment of the Jewish community residing in Florida hail from the Northeast and take their cues from their brethren from the NY area in terms of how to vote.

    According to sources the meeting was very candid and allowed for a flowing exchange on how to articulate the positions of the Democratic ticket to a Jewish audience who is somewhat skeptical to supporting the Democrats in the same numbers as in previous election cycles.

    Ezra Friedlander

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