Israel – Private Firms Provide Kosher Internet as Bezeq Talks Stall


    Israel – Following a lack of progress in negotiations between Bezeq and the rabbinical committee on communications on the subject of kosher Internet, private companies have sprouted in haredi communities, which offer Internet access and filtering.

    These companies do not always operate with the approval of the rabbinical committee on communications but rather with approval from local leading haredi rabbis.

    The most recent company set up to supply website filtering services is Simon Tech., whose program provides kosher Internet services using a list of approved sites according to user and professional categories.
    The company signed a kashrut agreement with the Mishmeret HaKodesh (Guardians of Sanctity), which authorizes it to supply Internet filtering services.

    The filtering program uses a unique technology based on a list of kosher sites, which ensures the user is protected from exposure to undesirable content. In addition, the software can provide blocking services to individual computers and employees on a wireless Internet or cellular network.

    As previously reported, the background to the development of these private companies is the negotiations between Bezeq and the rabbinical committee on communications, which have been in talks for two years, and it seems that the haredi community can no longer wait and is finding ways and initiatives to provide the service without Bezeq.

    There is also no serious negotiations between the haredi sector and Hot Cable Systems because ultra-orthodox neighborhoods do not have cable TV infrastructures, making Bezeq the only available infrastructure.

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