Brooklyn, NY – DOT Stands for Department Of Troubles Say Williamsburg Residents. Tickets To Be Dismissed


    Brooklyn, NY – Williamsburg residents woke up on Saturday morning in shock and disbelief that the Department of Transportation has changed the signs on Kent Ave. from Broadway-Williamsburg West from “Alternate Side” to “No Standing any Time” without any notice to the area residents.

    “Not only did DOT change these signs without any notification to the area residents in advance, they had the Cutzpah to change on a weekend (Friday Night) when the Jewish residents could not move the cars and the all residents parked the cars legally on Friday, not to move the car for the weekend.” Said Isaac Abraham, Williamsburg Community Leader. “Even more insulting was that early Saturday Morning, traffic enforcement agents already gave summonses to more then 25 cars parked on Kent Ave.” Mr. Abraham continued.

    Again DOT stands for Department Of Troubles

    A demonstration is called by all Kent Ave. residents in front off Schaefer Landing 440 Kent Ave. Brooklyn, Sunday (today) at 2:30 PM, all local elected officials are invited.

    U/D 6:00 PM
    After a demonstration this afternoon with many media outlets that have shown up, VIN News has learned that all summons given will be dismissed. stay tuned for future updates.

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