Jerusalem – New Housing Project By Satmar On Hold


    Site of where new project was to be built stands empty with a gigantic hole
    Jerusalem – Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, shlita, one of the two present Satmarer Rebbes, visited Jerusalem in August 2007 to lay the cornerstone for a new community housing project.

    The project, named Kiryas Yoel, was being built on Jerusalem’s Raoul Wallenberg Street, on the plot where the city’s Edison Cinema once stood.

    The cornerstone-laying event was widely covered by the media at the time, and was hailed as a major victory for Satmarer Chasidim in their campaign to safeguard Jerusalem’s sanctity from secular institutions.

    One year later, however, the location remains an apparently abandoned construction site, with an enormous foundation pit laying bare with no workers or equipment in sight.

    It is widely thought that the project has been put on hold due to the global financial crisis.

    VIN News in New York tried to contact the Satmar community, but received no response.

    prototype of what is to be built on the site

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