Brooklyn, NY – OHEL Clarification To VIN News: Mondrowitz Never Employed By Us, We Don’t Oppose His Extradition, We Are Here To Help


    Brooklyn, NY – Ohel has finally replied to VIN news long repeated effort to communicate with CEO David Mandel for clarification of the organization’s position on the Mondrowitz extradition. Ohel remained silent—until today.

    In a press release issued in response to VIN’s earlier report today, the respected social-services community mainstay takes VIN to task for claiming that Ohel “once used Mondrowitz as a therapist for troubled youth [but] has never publicly spoken about the Mondrowitz case.”

    Ohel correctly points out that “Mr. Abraham Mondrowitz was never an employee of OHEL.” VIN never said he was—we merely stated that Ohel “used” him, which is true: Ohel referred individuals to him as a non-employee independent consultant.

    VIN News stands by its original statement, and bears no ill will or malice towards Ohel in our ongoing reportage of the facts and Ohel’s laudable continued work towards helping sexual abuse victims in our community, a goal which we robustly support.

    See full text Ohel’s press release below:

    OHEL seeks to clarify the following which you have inaccurately reported: The Case of Mr. Mondrowitz

    Mr. Abraham Mondrowitz was never an employee of OHEL. OHEL has NEVER conveyed any comments or opinions in regards to this case. Your reports [which VIN has corrected] describing OHEL’s relationship with Abraham Mondrowitz and opposition to his extradition are completely false. OHEL has never opposed the extradition of Mr. Mondrowitz. Victim survivors of sexual abuse traverse a painful and arduous path and seek an acknowledgement of wrongdoing from the perpetrator. OHEL encourages actions that could lend support and credence to victim survivors.

    Proactively Providing Services and Raising Awareness OHEL is a pioneer in the prevention of sexual abuse and services to victims and perpetrators. OHEL has conducted many forums and professional training seminars nationwide to promote awareness and prevention within the community at large and
    train professionals to deal with the consequences of such horrific abuse. OHEL has provided training to thousands of students, parents and faculty nationwide through its numerous community forums, video and audio tapes, as well as newspaper articles and radio programs. OHEL has 1100 employees including trained and qualified mental health professionals in sexual abuse and related services.

    OHEL broadened its work through the RESPECT Program on Sexual Abuse with a series of high profile community seminars and lectures throughout the New York Metropolitan area, as well by responding to invitations to speak in Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Miami, Canada and Jerusalem amongst other communities.

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