Cleveland, OH – FBI Issues Warning About Threats Against Local Jewish Centers


    Cleveland, OH – The FBI is issuing a warning about threats against several local Jewish community buildings.

    What the threats are or when they were made is not known, but Cleveland police, after consulting with the FBI, issued a divisional notice to keep extra attention on at least four Cleveland Jewish institutions.

    Included in the warning are the Jewish Community Federation at East 17th Street and Euclid Avenue, West Temple at West 143rd Street and Trisket, the Temple at University Circle and the Cleveland Hillel Foundation at Case.

    The local head of the FBI said, “We regularly receive threats and evaluate threat information. As these leads are run to ground, we reach out to community leaders to share information.

    “Given the major events unfolding this week, out of an abundance of caution, we have worked with local authorities to increase patrols at some locations.”

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