Borough Park, NY -A Situation Ripe for Misunderstanding: The Rabbi Schorr/Lipa Schmeltzer Wedding Encounter [video]


    Rabbi Avrohom SchorrBorough Park, NY—With the frum Internet abuzz with a raw video and endless comments on websites, rumors have been circulating about what exactly happened this past Wednesday night, February 4, at a wedding at Borough Park’s Ateres Chaya Hall, in which an altercation of some sort occurred between activist Rabbi Avrohom Schorr, shlita and singer Lipa Schmeltzer—with the resulting rumors, confusion and half-truths spreading faster than wildfire.

    To clarify the story in the pursuit of objective reporting that is fair to all parties involved, VIN News has confirmed the story below, to which we have added several factual details, to be accurate. (As of 12:00 p.m. today, VIN is still reaching out to all parties involved to maintain accuracy.)

    Lipa, from what I understand, was invited by one of the mechutanim to the wedding. Lipa came to the wedding [as a guest, not a hired performer—Ed.] and wished “mazel tov!” and was standing in the crowd. People were coming over to him and kindly greeting him … Lipa was then brought by one of the baalei simcha to the band to sing. … The singer hired for the evening was Shloime Daskal who, it seems, graciously gave the microphone to Lipa when Lipa was brought to the band[stand].

    Lipa began singing the song that the band had been playing and everyone was enjoying the simcha. … At that point, the band began playing Lipa’s “Hentalach” song on the request by one of the Baalei Simcha. … The chosson’s friends and others gathered around the chosson and were dancing joyously, waving their hands in the air as the chosson responded in kind.

    Suddenly there was a commotion. The song switched to “Amar Rabi Akiva” and Lipa tried to sing but hundreds had gathered around the band to see what was going on.

    Thos who were close enough understood that the commotion was based on the fact that Rabbi Avraham Schorr, who is the rov of the Tiferes Yaakov shul in Midwood/Flatbush, had approached the band and went over to Lipa, demanding that he leave the stage…

    Suddenly someone began to push Lipa. Lipa was very much in control and remained calm. … It looked like none of the ladies knew what was going on from the other side of the mechitza but by the men it was chaos because people were just walking around trying to figure out how to get the situation under control and straighten it out. Lipa tried to explain to Rabbi Schorr and one or two guys who were on Rabbi Schorr’s side that he was invited to the wedding and was asked to sing. Rabbi Schorr continued to tell him to descend from the band. Meanwhile, an even larger crowd gathered around. …

    It was obvious that Lipa was trying to stay under control which he did with a smile on his face. …

    Lipa said into the mike, “Erliche Yidden darf mekarev andere Yidden” Then, the mechanech who had gone up to protect him told him to say into the mike, “Ich bin yedem mochel b’lev shaleim – I am mochel for the disgrace,” which he did. …

    It seemed that Lipa tried to continue singing but was being harassed and so the music took a break for dessert.

    Lipa eventually went off the band stage. … Lipa left the hall with people wishing him hatzlacha. He seemed to be okay with what had happened but only later admitted that he was quite shaken from what happened.

    Lipa told some people [confirmed by VIN News] that he had actually been offered a different job for money somewhere, but came to this wedding because of hakaras hatov and a hiskarvus to the baal simcha …

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