Jerusalem – Man Trying to Sacrifice Goat for Korban Pesach Arrested


    Noam Federman arrestedJerusalem, Israel – Police arrested extreme right wing activist Noam Federman today, after arriving with his children at the Temple Mount with a goat that he planned to sacrifice for Passover as a Korban Pesach.

    Federman was stopped by police at the gates of the Temple Mount, and taken to the nearby police station by squad car.

    After his investigation, Federman was released with his children, aged 12, 10 and seven-years-old, that accompanied him to the holy site.

    Police banned Federman from going near the Old City in Jerusalem for one week.

    “It’s a disgrace that the police prevent Jews from keeping the Passover sacrifice mitzvah,” Federman said.

    “Detectives came and claimed I was violating a court order. I asked them which order and they said ‘you’ll see it at the station’. There, it turned out there was no order, but I was detained for questioning because of conduct that could have disturbed the peace,” he continued.

    Federman added that his goat had also been confiscated, and that he would demand to get it back: “I brought that goat from my farm, I chose the best goat I had, of the Alpine species.”

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