Williamsburg, NY – Bike Lane Removal News: False Report


    Residents have criticized the Kent Avenue bike lanes in Williamsburg,Williamsburg, NY – A rumor, and press release [which has no official letterhead from any public Gov. entity] is circulating the Internet over the past few hours regarding the removal of bike lanes on Kent Avenue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, a hot issue to the neighborhood’s Chasidim, who for decades used Kent for parking and business.

    VIN News has confirmed the report to be misleading and some sort of very belated April Fool’s joke.

    According to a spokesman from the office of Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who represents a significant part of Williamsburg in Albany, there was no official announcement from his office regarding imminent bike-lane removal. According to Lopez’s office, it’s an ongoing battle in which there is no new development as of today.

    Furthermore, an official DOT spokesman, told VIN News on condition of anonymity, “These reports are not accurate as of today”.

    While there have been rumors in Williamsburg of ongoing meetings between the city and the community, as of today there is no confirmed settlement on the removal of the bike lanes.

    To see the the unofficial Press Release that was send out by some individuals click here
    please note this release has no public letterhead from any Gov. official

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