Monsey, NY – Bobov Yeshiva Administrator: Cow Slaughter Has Zero Affiliation With Us; Done Without Our Permission


    Ramapo Police were called to Yeshiva Bobover at 609 Route 306 last night after neighbors reported students and teachers had tied a cow to a tree and were slaughtering it. (Vincent DiSalvio / The Journal News)Monsey, NY – After the Journal News reported today [posted by VIN News] about an allegation that a Jewish school took part in an illegal slaughter of a cow, the Yeshiva Administrator of Bobov released the following statement to VIN News:

    Please note that the story of the shechita of the cow on our grounds had nothing to do with me, nor with Bobov. A group of people learning hilchos shechita, used our lot for their practice without our permission. They say that they tried to contact me, but they couldn’t reach me. I surely wouldn’t allow our grounds to be used for this, although no laws were broken.

    Rabbi Gershon Borenfreund
    Yeshiva Administrator – Bobover Yeshiva of Monsey

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