Washington – Kin of Hate Slayer: Father Deserved to Die


    Investigators from the FBI examine a bullet ridden door at the entrance to the Holocaust Memorial Museum on Thursday. The museum remained closed to honor security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, who died of wounds he received during Wednesday's shooting.Washington – The son of the elderly, Jew-hating madman who attacked the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, blasted his father as an evil “coward” who deserved to die.

    Erik von Brunn, 32, said “my father’s actions are unforgivable” and openly wished that it had been his dad — infamous bigot James von Brunn — who died in the attack and not hero security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns.

    “I cannot express enough how deeply sorry I am it was Mr. Johns, and not my father, who lost their life,” Erik said in letter to ABC News. “It was unjustified and unfair that he died, and while my condolences could never begin to offer appeasement, they, along with my remorse, is all I have to give.”

    James Von Brunn stormed into the solemn museum Wednesday with a .22-caliber rifle and quickly shot Johns dead, before other guards opened fire and seriously wounded him.

    The younger von Brunn said that he has long been embarrassed by his dad, who has for some 50 years been a vocal and prominent white supremacist who kept a hate Web site and wrote a book filled with anti-Jewish slander.

    “My father’s beliefs have been a constant source of verbal and mental abuse my family has had to suffer with for many years,” he told ABC News. “His views consumed him, and in doing so, not only destroyed his life, but destroyed our family and ruined our lives as well.

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