Jerusalem – Rav Kanievsky to Bochur Who Drove Without a License: You’re a Murderer


    fileJerusalem – Three weeks ago a bochur yeshiva without a drivers’ license caused a dreadful car accident on the Ramot Road. Now another bochur was caught with the same irresponsible behavior. In preparation for his trial and out of fear that he might be sentenced to prison, the bochur decided to seek a blessing from Rav Chaim Kanievsky.

    After VIN News verified that accuracy of the exchange, we are bringing the recording of the conversation between them as a service for the public:

    Bochur: I have a trial in another week. They want to put me in prison. Would the rav please bless me so I’ll be saved from it.

    Rav Chaim: What is the trial about?

    Bochur: They caught me driving without a license, after I crashed into a wall.

    Rav Chaim: So you’re mamash a murderer! Adaraba, let them put you in prison. Very good.

    Bochur (shouts) What? Chalila, I didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t wound anyone either. I just had a small accident with a wall involving only myself.

    Rav Chaim: But you drove without a license, right?

    Bochur: Yes.

    Rav Chaim: Nu, so you’re considered a real murderer. You could have caused an accident with people too.

    Bochur: But I know how to drive well. Besides that, [being in prison] might ruin things for me with shidduchim and yeshiva.

    Rav Chaim: There’s no such things as “I know”. Without a license, one doesn’t know how to drive. Concerning shidduchim, whoever doesn’t want you is right. It’s dangerous.

    Bochur: I’m mamash sorry. Just let the rav bless me that I be saved in the trial.

    Rav Chaim: What do you mean, you’re sorry? If you’re given a car tomorrow you won’t travel? For sure you’ll travel. So the best thing is for you to sit in prison and learn not to be a murderer.

    Bochur: Please, will the rav promise that I’ll be saved if I’ll be careful from now on?

    Rav Chaim: I can’t give a blessing. May Hashem help that they sentence you to what will really be good for you.

    Rav Chaim’s family says that it’s rare that Rav Chaim speaks in such extreme language, but this is how he views a person who is caught breaking traffic rules or who drives without a license. Rav Chaim will refuse to bless him and doesn’t hesitate to say that it involves no less than “murder.”

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