London – Israeli Charedi Arrested In Airport Accused Of Drug Trafficking


    Sniffer dogs at London AirportLondon – According to information obtained and verified by VIN News with London Authorities and the Court., Mr. I.A.Z. a 37-year-old charedi man from Israel was arrested early this week at Heathrow Airport on suspicions of drug smuggling. Early reports indicate he was caught upon arrival in London with seven kilograms (15 pounds) of cocaine in his possession which is alleged to have been strapped onto his body.

    Mr. Z. who lives in one of the charedi towns near Jerusalem, traveled to Brazil last week and then continued to London.

    His arrest was discovered when his regular driver waited at the airport for hours, but Z. failed to arrive. The driver reported his absence to a well-known London askan, who soon learned that Z. had been taken into custody by local police. Since then rabbonim and askonim in London have been working to secure his release.

    Mr. Z. has a wife and children in Eretz Yisroel.

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