Ramat Gan, Israel – Religious Jew Stabbed to Death by Fired Arab Worker


    Israeli police in front of the store investigatingRamat Gan, Israel – A religious Jew from a Chabad family in Givat Shmuel was killed today at the Ramat Gan delivery service he ran with his brother. A former Arab employee he had dismissed came back to the office, and following a dispute, pulled out a knife, stabbed his former boss and fled the scene.

    The victim, Dotan Natanel Mangami, Hy”d, 33, had planned to move to a new home with his two small children and pregnant wife, but those plans came to an abrupt end with today’s knife attack. At first Magen David Adom paramedics managed to stabilize him and evacuate him in critical condition, but later he succumbed to his multiple stab wounds.

    The identity of the 20-year-old assailant, who had worked as a deliveryman, is known to police.

    After the family was notified, relatives gathered in the family home in Givat Shmuel, a small city located between Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak. “He wasn’t the eldest son, but he was the most dominant one in the family, like a big brother to his 12 brothers and sisters,” said the deceased’s brother-in-law, Yitzchok. “He used to keep everyone entertained and helped everyone financially. This is a real tragedy for us.” According to family members the widow saw her husband lying in a pool of blood, and since then has been unwilling to speak to anybody.

    Chaggai Mangami said his brother studied at a yeshiva in Lod and later opened a delivery business with a large number of employees. He said the family members are unacquainted with the killer, but are aware the dispute was over money. “My brother owed him NIS 380 [$100], but he refused to give it to him, saying it was offset by fuel costs,” said Chaggai. “The company motors scooters belonged to him and he had problems with deliverymen who used too much gas, so he would dock their pay.”

    Family members say the niftar’s brother and partner, Pinchos, 32, now fears for his life. “We want to see the killer arrested and justice served. Violence is getting worse and worse in Israel. It’s come to the point where I feel like I’m in New York before Giuliani.”

    This afternoon police requested an autopsy, but following intervention by ZAKA’s legal department the police agreed to a regular external examination.

    The levaya was held this evening (Monday). The niftar is survived by two sons, ages two and three-and-a-half, and a wife in her sixth month of pregnancy.

    U/D 5:20 PM
    The man suspected of the stabbing gave himself up to Tel Aviv police on Monday evening according to the Jerusalem Post

    Isreali police in front of store

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