Jerusalem – Charedi Israeli Paper Recalled After Misquoting HaRav Eliyashiv


    fileJerusalem – A Hebrew-language weekly halted distribution after mistakenly printing a front-page lead saying HaRav Eliyashiv shlita had permitted heads of Vaad HaRabbonim LeInyonei Tzedokoh to print stories that have little truth to them in order to persuade the public to donate generously for the sake of poor families supported by the fund.

    HaRav Eliyashiv based the psak on the concept of “kofin al hatzedokoh,” said the article printed in Bakehila, a weekly based in Jerusalem.

    Early in the morning the editors’ cell-phones were flooded with calls from irate askonim and rabbonim associated with Vaad HaRabbonim, claiming the article was unfounded. Some figures went to verify the report at HaRav Eliyashiv’s home, where it was denied outright.

    With phones continuing to ring off the hook the editors decided to take a measure unprecedented in the paper’s 12 years of publication: the entire paper was reprinted, the original version was whisked off news racks and the corrected edition was distributed instead.

    “Due to a mistake and misunderstanding by the reporter,” Bakehila Board Chairman Shmuel Meir Hirshman told Chadrei Chadarim, “it appears as if Maran HaRav Eliyashiv permitted tzedokoh committees to print inaccuracies. The paper’s oversight staff took note of the remarks, because any thinking person realizes that HaRav Eliyashiv could not have uttered such things. As a result the remarks were deleted from the body of the article and corrected. This can be seen in the body of the article, which appears on page 12 of the paper.

    “Unfortunately, when the lead was printed on the front page, the original, erroneous version was pasted in,” Hirshman explained.

    “As soon as we noticed what had happened we ordered the distributors to stop delivering the newspaper to stores. At the same time we printed a new edition, without the error.”

    Newspaper Recalled after printing erroneous Psak

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