Brooklyn, NY – Gov. David Paterson Meets With Hikind at office, Visits Crown Heights


    The gov. at assemblyman Dov Hikinds office, also seen in photo Public advocate candidate Bill DeBlasio and NYC comptroller candidate John LiuBrooklyn, NY – On the heels of the Tuesday night visit to Crown Heights of rising New York mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson, Gov. David Paterson joined State Sen. Eric Adams and newly-elected candidate City Comptroller John Liu in paying a unique visit to the largely Lubavitcher Chasidic neighborhood yesterday.

    The Governor, who still draws crowds in Orthodox communities despite his low poll numbers, attended an “in-hut” community security briefing in the Jewish Children’s Museum sukkah on Eastern Parkway and Kingston. About two dozen community leaders and activists from throughout Jewish Brooklyn were present.

    The state’s chief executive then surprised both his hosts and his security detail by asking to visit “770,” or 770 Eastern Parkway, the cavernous central synagogue of the Lubavitcher Chasidim in Crown Heights. Paterson spent several minutes on the floor of the main sanctuary, accompanied by security, community activists and well-wishers who pointed out the synagogue’s various features.

    Later that night, the Governor met with Assemblyman Dov Hikind at his Borough Park office, where more than 100 community members stood by to welcome and support the Governor. The Governor shared a few Sukkos-related words of inspiration with the crowd at Hikind’s office.

    Hikind strongly praised the Governor for his friendship and commitment to the community in the form of funding for many worthy projects, especially the $450,000 the Governor allocated for the Assemblyman’s sexual abuse task force.

    Paterson then proceeded to the adjacent outdoor Simchas Beis Hashoevah (as previously reported on VIN), where he spoke again and even danced with many enthusiastic well-wishers.

    Newly elected candidate City Comptroller John Liu and Public Advocate candidate Bill DiBlasio, who were also on hand, also spoke to the celebrating outdoor crowd.

    Among the several community activists present were the founders of such organizations as Mekimi, Yad Ephraim, and Bikur Cholim of Borough Park.

    All videos Credit to Shiezoli
    The gov. speaking

    The Gov. praising Assemblyman Hikind for his outstanding service, and specifically giving him credit for standing up on the abuse issue.

    The Gov. visiting the central Lubavitch Shul

    Gov. at Sukkah in Crown Heights

    Gov. in Crown Heights Sukkah

    Williamsburg activists including Rabbi Niderman of UJO in Crown Heights with the Gov.

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