Jerusalem – Gur and Neturei Karta Take Part in Civil Defense Drill


    fileJerusalem – During last week’s major civil defense drill charedi kehillos were mobilized to take part in a massive blood drive, according to an article in Maariv of of Israel’s leading daily newspapers.

    The exercise was meant to simulate a war on several fronts during which injuries among civilians and military personnel require collecting and delivering a very large number of blood units to hospitals around the country. To meet the need a decision was made to enlist the charedi community and set up a blood donation center in a charedi section of Jerusalem.

    Reservists from the IDF’s blood service unit were drafted to take part in the exercise. According to Major Pinni Goldstein, head of medical equipment and blood at Central Command, the drill entailed providing 3,500 units of blood per day, compared to the 1,000 units Magen David Adom collects on a typical day.

    “What was nice in this exercise was that for the first time it included the charedi community, including Chassidim from Gur and Neturei Karta taking part in the Central Command exercise. The immediate response of the charedi sector was amazing,” said Goldstein.

    The drill was preceded by conversations with top charedi rabbonim and Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman (UTJ), noted Maj. Goldstein.

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