Lawrence, NY – Yeshiva Turns to Court to Recover Tuition


    Lawrence, NY – A local family is named as the defendant in a lawsuit brought by the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaways. HAFTR is seeking reimbursement for more than $10,000 it claims it is owed. The family, which acknowledges that HAFTR provided scholarships to help pay their children’s elementary and high school educations, maintains its obligations to the school have been met.

    Family members spoke to The Jewish Star on the condition that they not be named or otherwise identified. They told of receiving a letter from HAFTR over the summer requesting payment of more than 10,000 dollars in unpaid tuition. Two months later, they returned to the home they rent in the Five Towns to find a legal summons taped to the door. It threatened that the school would seek a default judgment if the summons was not answered.

    Isaac Tuchman, an attorney with Daniels and Morelli, which represents HAFTR, confirmed that the school has filed a number of lawsuits against HAFTR families. When parents come to the school with hardships, “accommodations are inevitably made,” to allow children to attend the school, he said.

    “The school provides a service to the community, to the parents, and the parents commit to paying tuition. Often, parents don’t honor that obligation so the school believes it is justified – we’ve been trying to collect unpaid obligations that are owed by parents,” said Tuchman.

    Read the full story at The Jewish Star

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