Jerusalem – VIN Exclusive – Rav Shternbuch: Airport Full Body Scans Kosher


    Jerusalem – Rav Moshe Shternbuch Shlita was asked whether it was breach of Tznius to pass through a full body scan machine at the airport. There are
    two types of full body scan machines that are commercially available for airports to purchase. One type utilizes software to obscure the face and specific body parts, the other type has no such software.

    Rav Shternbuch responded that, fact, he did not see a problem with it, neither for men nor for women. A Talmid Chochom who was present when
    the Shailah was posed explained that he understood Rav Shternbuch to mean that since the person manning the machine was “osaik bemelachto” it would not cause hirhurim, and there would be no Lifnei Iver violation on the part of the person undergoing the scan.

    The situation is analgous to that of a doctor examining a patient and there would be no distinction as to whether the issue was a medical issue or a security issue. The person undergoing the scan is not doing anything wrong.

    The Talmid Chochom explained that there would also be no obligation to cancel a trip and not travel because of the body scan. The reason is
    that there is an essential heter of Osaik beMelachto.

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