Beijing – Cholov Yisroel Milk Available For The First Time In China


    Rabbi Freundlish gives the Hechser for Dini's Kosher Restaurant in Beijing, China, says he will now give Kosher certification for MilkBeijing – Fresh cholov yisroel milk, which has been unavailable since World War II, is now available in China. For years, both visitors and residents of China who wanted kosher milk of any kind had very few choices: drink powdered milk or have travelers bring shelf stable milk or frozen milk in their suitcases.

    But as the Jewish community in China has grown, so has the demand for kosher milk, particularly since harmful chemicals that were added to Chinese milk were present in the powdered milk that was being consumed by Jewish residents and travelers in China. Rabbi Shimon Freundlich, director of Chabad Lubavitch in Beijing and a kashrus supervisor for over 500 companies, began working with the only organic milk farm in China. Together with Rabbi Akiva Asher Padwa of the London Beis Din, he kashered the milk plant and produced the first run of strictly kosher milk, which appeared in Chinese stores last week. With an estimated 10,000 Jews living in China, where any form of kosher milk has been unavailable for decades, this is literally a dream come true.

    “This is the first time people in China have their own supply of cholov yisroel milk,” said Rabbi Freundlich in an interview with VIN News. Rabbi Freundlich, who lives in Beijing with his wife and five children, expects to do a run of kosher milk every six weeks. Beijing, which is home to approximately fifteen hundred Jews and hosts anywhere from two to three thousand guests annually, boasts a Jewish day school, a community center, a mikvah and a kosher restaurant.

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