New York – Rabbi Yair Hoffman Appears on Dov Hikind Radio Show to Defend Position [audio replay]


    New York – Rabbi Yair Hoffman, an Orthodox educator, author of several Seforim on Halachah and former Morah Desarah of a Shul in Long Island, is a well respected Torah figure with close contacts with many leading halachic authorities.

    He is also a frequent contributor to VIN News and Five Towns Jewish Times.

    Most recently, Rabbi Hoffman’s editorial on the Martin Grossman execution became one of the most read article on VIN News, with over 32,000 unique readers on the day it was posted, with nearly 400 comments.

    The editorial, which reminds readers of Grossman’s guilt and that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist was virtually guaranteed to not change his mind on the eve of an election, generated a fierce firestorm in the Orthodox community online and in the brick-and-mortar shuls and study halls over the past several days.

    Now, Rabbi Hoffman will be interviewed on the popular Dov Hikind show tonight, explaining his position.

    The show starts at 11PM You can listen on WMCA 570 AM, or online at

    **UPDATE** 1:30 AM below is the audio replay.

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