New York – Rabbis Set To Denounce Rabbi Avi Weiss For Ordaining Woman As Rabba


    Rabbis Set To Denonce Rabbi Avi Weiss For Ordaining Sara Hurwitz As Rabba. Photo by Claudio PapapietroNew York – The word on the street is that the Rabbinical Council of America, the largest mainstream Orthodox rabbinical group, is getting ready to come down hard on Rabbi Avi Weiss, perhaps to expel him, primarily for ordaining a woman rabbi, Sara Hurwitz, whom he calls a “rabba.”
    The RCA considers women rabbis a violation of Orthodoxy.

    Is the RCA about to haul Rabbi Weiss before its Vaad HaKavod, the committee charged with investigating “allegations of improprieties,” the first step in expulsion or discipline? The RCA’s executive director, Rabbi Basil Herring, was somewhat coy. Rabbi Weiss is not under investigation “at present,” he e-mailed.
    However, a source employed by one of Rabbi Weiss’ enterprises confirmed, “the RCA is considering kicking out Avi Weiss.”

    Read the full story at The Jewish Week

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