Brooklyn, NY – Abraham Tischler Taken Off The Ballot In 44th City Council Race


    Brooklyn, NY -Brooklyn, NY – VIN News has confirmed with the board of elections that Avraham Solomon Tischler has been removed from the ballot for the upcoming City Council elections in Brooklyn’s 44th district.

    After four different challenges, the board of elections invalidated approximately 800 of Tischler’s signatures, leaving him with an insufficient number of signatures to qualify for the ballot.

    Harold Tischler, father of the 18 year old candidate, just spoke with VIN News about his son’s candidacy. “My son stood on street corners getting signatures from people in Boro Park. Are you telling me that 800 people lied? 800 people gave us fake signatures? My son does chessed, serves food at Masbia. We go to the hospital on Shabbos and give out food to people. We are supposed to be a Jewish community and the candidates keep preaching achdus. You call this achdus? ”

    Gary Tilzer, campaign spokesman for Joe Lazar, confirmed that Tischler had enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot, saying “The Lazar campaign engaged in an administrative process aimed at making sure Abraham Tischler had enough valid signatures. We owed it to our over one hundred volunteers who donated their time for Joe Lazar to make sure that everyone else played by the same rules we had to follow. We never had any intention of taking Mr. Tischler to court.”

    In a statement just released to VIN News, David Greenfield said, “One of the fundamental concepts in elections is that you must have community support to run for office. The way to prove this support is by collecting signatures. Joe Lazar and I both worked very hard to prove that support by each collecting thousands of signatures and that’s why we both challenged Mr. Tischler’s petitions. Regardless, I wish Mr. Tischler the best and hope to see him active in community affairs.”

    Harold Tischler claims otherwise, saying that David Greenfield seemed to be the only candidate who had an interest in keeping his son off the ballot and said that his son would likely support either Joe Lazar or Jonathan Judge.

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