Brooklyn, NY – Orthodox Women Among Those Honored By Brooklyn DA For Their Community Service


    Jody Reznik (L) Amy Cohen(R) Chaya Lipshitz (B)Brooklyn, NY – As part of annual recognition, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is honoring today thirty one Brooklyn women for their community service and accomplishments, among them three Orthodox women: Chaya Lipschutz, Jodie Reznik and Amy Cohen. District Attorney Hynes awarded the title of Special Ambassador to each of the women, saying, “The women come from neighborhoods all throughout Brooklyn. The honorees all have one thing in common. They make Brooklyn a better place to live. It is an honor for me to recognize these women for their outstanding work, which benefits the people of Brooklyn.”

    Chaya Lipschutz of Boro Park was honored for her work finding kidney matches for those in need. After donating a kidney to a total stranger, she began her quest, counseling those in need of transplants and educating people on kidney donation. Lipschutz runs a website,, dedicated to pairing up potential kidney donors and recipients.

    Jodie Reznik of Flatbush is a former graphic designer who is now a teacher and works with the special needs community as director of several programs. She is known for her community orient projects including the Fallen Angels project, portraits painted of fallen NYPD officers which are then donated to their families. Reznik also painted a work of art, now displayed in six embassies, acknowledging the efforts made to rescue Jews during World War II by the people of China, Japan, Spain, the Dominican Republic and Sweden.

    Amy Cohen of Carroll Gardens Teaches and counsels hearing-impaired children at Hearing Education Services. She has also volunteered at the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue homeless shelter and has run a half-marathon to raise money for children with cancer.

    In addition to being recognized by the District Attorney for their accomplishments at the Extraordinary Women’s Event which was held today at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, the women will also be honored at a ceremony at the Ceremonial Court Room at Brooklyn Borough Hall on March 23. The women were chosen from approximately 100 nominees in this fourth annual event and a huge calendar for the month of March, with each day dedicated to one of the extraordinary women, has been unveiled at the lobby of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.

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