Boston, MA – Lawmakers Reject Circumcision Ban


    Boston, MA – A bill calling for prison time and fines for those who perform circumcision on any male under the age of 18 was rejected by the Judiciary Committee of the Massachusetts state legislature. [Originally reported first by VIN News here]

    The text of the proposed measure specifically mandated that no exception be given, even though the law would obstruct religious observance of the commandment of circumcision.

    The measure also called upon the Department of Public Health to implement an educational program to discourage religious groups from carrying out the commandment of circumcision.

    A goal of the legislation, according to an advocate group’s website, included enforcement by local police.

    In a letter to the Committee following their vote, the Community Guardians Group (CGG) wrote that the people of Massachusetts “are inheritors of a rich heritage of courageous thinkers and leaders who have sought to advance the causes of righteousness and justice for all people… But there are also matters which lie outside the power entrusted to government.” The CGG mentioned that included among the things not to be restricted by government, is the commandment of circumcision, given by G-d Almighty.

    The CGG offered thanks to G-d Almighty that this attack on their religion was halted, and commended the members of the Judiciary Committee for definitively rejecting this hateful plan.

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